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We partner with extraordinary mission-driven brands to develop and implement research-informed marketing strategies that align with their values and drive sustainable business growth.

  • Are you seeking new ways to stand out within your market?

  • Do you wonder whether you're focusing your energy and resources on the right strategies?

  • Are you optimizing your marketing content with A/B testing?

  • Are you clearly communicating your value to your customers?

  • Do you worry your latest product launch or marketing campaign might fall flat?

  • Does your organization need fractional marketing leadership?

cut through the clutter

Noel & Co. is a Certified B Corporation marketing and strategy consultancy with a focus on customer-centric and data-driven market research to empower you to scale your positive impact.

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Is your marketing actually doing something, or is it just taking up space on the internet?

If you want to kick a** and take names in your industry, you can't just sit around twiddling your thumbs. You’ve gotta get your brand's mission out there and get people on board with it.

And that's where we come in. We've got a whole squad of brilliant marketers, web development wizards, pro graphic designers, and legendary content creators ready to take your business to the next level.

We're not tied down to any stuffy old ways of doing things -- we're agile and bring only the best of the best to the table.

Many of our clients have lots of great stuff going on – but no time to be strategic

We're all about teaming up with purposeful founders and leaders who get that research and data can drive real results. The only catch is it takes time and energy you may not have at the moment.

If you’re growing an innovative, extraordinary brand - you have to move fast. 

That’s where we can help.

Across a range of industries, we work with:

  • Founders and execs that need fractional marketing leadership and guidance to scale
  • Dedicated marketing & operations leaders, with limited bandwidth
  • Mission-driven brands that want their values to shine while still driving ROI.

To amplify your impact - your ideal customers need to know your brand's mission, care about it, and be invited to be part of it.

Our Latest Work

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North Carolina Business Council

Clarifying Marketing Messaging for Greater Impact

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Want marketing roi? Start with Actionable Market Research and Data-Driven Insights

Market research is KEY to developing a marketing strategy that will drive sustainable growth.

We start every project by doing a deep dive into understanding your ideal customer(s), what they actually care about, and why your brand matters to them.

Based on our research, we can then work with you to:

  • Ensure you have a solid brand and marketing communications foundation
  • Elevate your storytelling to ensure your message is truly compelling
  • Test and iterate to identify the best marketing channels and strategies for you to tell your story and build meaningful connections

From conducting A/B tests to diving into your marketing analytics, we're your partner in optimizing your marketing's return on investment. 

We also don't just hand you a strategy and walk away - we can support you from strategy development through execution.

Why choose Noel & Co.?

The ultimate reward for us is happy clients that are able to achieve their goals.

Emily Crookston Headshot

Emily Crookston

Founder & CEO, Pocket PhD

“Noel & Co. created a marketing plan and strategy for my business that I'll be using for the next 6 months to a year. The process was so efficient and easy. I filled out a questionnaire, then we did a strategy session to figure out a plan that works for me. Christina worked one-on-one with me to brainstorm content ideas, figure out which platforms will help me gain visibility, and come up with campaigns I can roll out over the next several months. If your marketing plan is like tossing spaghetti against the wall, you need Noel & Co.’s help.”

Headshot of Vicki Lee Parker, Executive Director of the NCBC

Vicki Lee Parker-High

Executive Director, The North Carolina Business Council

"We called Christina as we approached our five-year anniversary and determined that we needed to refine our target market and messaging. Christina and the Noel & Co. team became our compass. Their keen analysis of our company gave us the ability to focus and see where we were headed. They also provided a creative, strategic roadmap on how to achieve our business growth goals that we follow to this day. Another plus is that Christina is an absolute pleasure to work with!"

Shannon O'Shea - Director of Operations at Thread Capital

Shannon O' Shea

Director of Operations, Thread Capital

"Noel & Co. dove head-first into the research, gathering insights from the team, from previous research, and from the competitive landscape. They quickly turned that research into an insightful, strategic roadmap and a job description for a role that would help us execute on that roadmap. They have a talent for sifting through the noise and extracting what is most important to focus on and really helped our team start to develop the skills necessary to do the same. Life is much less uncertain now, and the team is more closely aligned on our strategy and how to achieve it... We've continued to work with Noel & Co. for ongoing fractional marketing leadership support to keep marketing and communications momentum, on-boarding our new candidate, filling any marketing skills gaps we have, developing materials for us, and being our trusted partner in marketing strategy."

Alisa Herr Headshot

Alisa Herr

Founder, Unity Web Agency

"Noel & Co. has worked with my company for the last three years to help us (first) stabilize and (then) thrive. Noel & Co. helped us improve our marketing and business development process, allowing us to land more qualified leads, grow our team, and cut our expenses so much so that our net increased by 400%! Noel & Co. also helped lead multiple design thinking workshops with our customers to clarify their brand messaging and better inform the website design process. They bring a breadth of innovation and marketing expertise to everything they do. Trust me, you want to get some Noel & Co. magic!"

Screen Shot 2023-07-05 at 10.05.44 AM

Danny Rosin

Co-Founder, Brand Fuel

“We are incredibly grateful for our partnership with Noel & Co. With their guidance we were able to position ourselves as a Certified B Corporation, aligning our business with our commitment to sustainability and making a positive impact. The training provided by Noel & Co. was exceptional. They equipped our team with the knowledge and resources to effectively communicate with our ideal customers. We now have a clearer understanding of how profitability and purpose can complement each other. Since partnering with Noel & Co., we have witnessed remarkable results. The insights gained from the market research have been invaluable in refining our strategies. I wholeheartedly recommend Noel & Co. to any organization looking to amplify their brand and achieve sustainable growth.”

Lucy Hayhurst Headshot

Lucy Hayhurst

President, Well Balanced Nutrition, LLC

"We hired Christina and her company Noel & Co. to help us with marketing our new online meal planning course and it was such a good decision. I'm so glad we did that. Christina was so vital to helping us get outside of our comfort zone with marketing. We, myself and my business partner, would often find ourselves feeling bad about emailing people and Christina helped with the road map that she created with us and the time she gave us and the wisdom she shared through the marketing process. It was such a great experience. It was hard but rewarding... I definitely recommend if you are looking for some more support for your communications and marketing you check out Noel & Co."

Our Process

  • Research

We always begin every engagement by conducting research. We'll ensure that we leverage you and your organization's internal expertise, review any market research you've already conducted, and analyze your current marketing collateral. When appropriate, we'll conduct internal and external stakeholder research. We're experienced in conducting both qualitative and quantitive research. Depending upon our approach, we can facilitate a workshop or series of workshops to gain further insights.

  • Plan

Based on the insights gained from our research, we’ll develop a holistic marketing plan, which depending upon our engagement's goals, can include which marketing channels to prioritize and strategies for helping cut through the clutter. When appropriate, we'll also help you refine your brand story and positioning. We often find that our customers have 20+ great things they could say about their brand. Our research will inform the top messages you should emphasize and how your brand can better speak your ideal customer’s language.

  • Execute

We don’t just hand you a plan and walk away. We want to make sure you have the fractional marketing leadership you need to fully implement your marketing strategy. We've helped organizations hire marketing teams and effectively manage marketing contractors. We're also happy to collaborate with your current vendors or connect you with our marketing partners to support your design, video marketing, SEO optimization, marketing automation, and paid digital advertising needs.

  • Measure

We believe that a good marketing strategy is developed as a series of hypotheses to test. While market research gives us the best chance of developing a strong hypothesis, each marketing strategy should be tested and refined over time. We’ll develop a measurement strategy to ensure your marketing is making a positive impact on your organization as well as work with you to continue optimizing your marketing's ROI.

We've worked with 95+ mission-driven organizations to amplify their positive impact including:

Image of logos for Peacock Alley, Lo and Behold naturals, YouEmbark, North Carolina Business Council, Raleigh Founded, Unity Web Agency, Burny Wild's, Vista Caballo, Thread Capital, Participate Learning, Pocket PhD, The Mercantile, Accelerate the Climb, Memento & Muse, & The Daniel Center

Ready to amplify your impact with a research-informed marketing strategy?