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  • Do you worry that you're not clearly communicating to your customers?

  • Do you worry your latest product launch might fall flat?

  • Do you want to make sure you invest your marketing budget wisely?

  • Are you not sure how to develop an effective marketing strategy?

  • Have you wondered what it's going to take to become a market leader?

  • Do you need help standing out within your market?

Let us help you cut through the clutter

Noel & Co. is a Certified B Corporation marketing & strategy consultancy that works with world-changing organizations to gain the customer insights they need to nail the right market positioning, value proposition and marketing strategy to successfully go-to-market.

Why choose Noel & Co.?

The ultimate reward for us is happy clients that are able to achieve their goals.

Our Process

Our proven process was developed to help you develop the go-to-market strategy you need to cut through the clutter.

  • Research

  • Plan

  • Execute

  • Measure

We custom design each project to meet your unique needs. Typically we'll begin with a strategic workshop with you and your team. Then, based on the insights gained, we'll develop a go-to-market plan to help your organization connect with its stakeholders. From there, we can lead you through the implementation of the plan and measure the outcomes for continuous improvement.

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