Lo & Behold

Taking a local brand digital


Lo & Behold is a handcrafted natural skincare brand created by Lizzie Chadbourne that creates 100% natural, non-toxic, and responsibly sourced products. The company had achieved consistent, organic growth over the last 6 years through purchases at markets, retail, and online sales as customers were in love with the beautifully scented products made from ingredients sourced from local farms. However, Lo & Behold needed a digital strategy to begin building relationships with new customers to increase direct-to-consumer sales from their online store.


Brand Strategy

Lo & Behold already had a strong brand developed through their stunning logo design that captures the essence of their high-end and yet approachable handcrafted natural products, custom art created by a local female artist, and professional product photography.

However, in order to get to the next level, the brand needed elevated storytelling, clear messaging, and new opportunities to engage with customers.

Noel & Co. worked with Lo & Behold to create an ideal customer persona by conducting customer research to understand their target customer's demographics, psychographic, and personality. We then identified opportunities along the entire "marketing funnel" from building product awareness > inspiring consumers to get engaged with the brand >  making a purchase > becoming a raving fan to begin building relationships with customers. 

Lo & Behold products in store
Photo of Lo & Behold display made of reclaimed wood with natural products on it

Digital Marketing Strategy

To support the Lo & Behold team in becoming savvy digital marketers, Noel & Co. created a clear digital strategy across multiple channels with the goal of increasing direct-to-consumer sales.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising:

  • Trained the team on how to use the Facebook & Instagram advertising manager, including the creation of a training video for future reference.
  • Created a test advertising campaign using two marketing videos to identify which content would be most engaging. One of the two test campaigns led to a 3.4x immediate return and the campaign as a whole generated 5,898  brand impressions.

E-mail Marketing:

  • Recommended an increase in e-mail marketing to weekly e-mails. This led to an initial increase in sales before leveling off. However, in the long run, we anticipate more consistent e-mail marketing to keep the brand "top of mind" with customers.

Instagram Stories:

  • Given Lo & Behold's high engagement on Instagram, we set a goal of making 8-10 Instagram stories each month. We specifically encouraged focusing these stories on giving followers a "behind the scenes" look into the process of creating small-batch, handcrafted products as well as telling stories about what the company is up to.

Instagram Tiles Strategy:

  • Lo & Behold already was using stunning photography. However, to continue to elevate the brand, we recommended increasing their focus on creating content that would further engage with followers. Also, we developed an Instagram tile template with recommended content topics to begin creating a consistent messaging strategy.
Lo & Behold instagram profile featuring stunning images of their products

The Results

Lo & Behold Naturals has a strategic marketing plan that will empower them to leverage their digital presence to build their brand, develop meaningful customer relationships, and increase direct-to-consumer sales through their online store.