Drive growth by becoming “fans of your fans”

When it comes to businesses and social media, one reaction we often hear from clients when we ask them about their social media strategy is a collective groan.

We get it. 

For many small or mid-sized businesses, establishing a social media presence can be difficult and time-consuming. 

Add to that the questions that inevitably arise from your executives asking “What exactly are we GAINING from this?”

Social media can often make you scratch your head as it can be challenging to measure the impact of these channels beyond the “likes” and “follows.” 

But, despite what some people may believe, social media has shown and will continue to show, just how important it is to have an online presence on the platforms your target customers use. 

Whether you decide to live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn…or all four platforms, it’s proven that a strong social media presence can help boost your brand. 

Now when it comes to bigger companies like Microsoft, Apple, Bojangles, and even Wendy’s (if you have time, make sure to check out their Twitter account), the recipe is a little simpler. 

They’re already big, recognizable brands, so where they may “start from” is significantly different than smaller businesses (like us!). 

For smaller businesses, you simply can’t take the same formula that the bigger brands take.

Y’all likely know what we’re talking about:

  • Promote your latest blog or service offering
  • Post on specific holidays
  • Post your wins and highlights
  • Rinse and repeat

This strategy is something that almost every business does for their social media.

It’s difficult to separate yourself from the pack if you’re approaching social media with a formulaic approach.

So…what can you do instead?

Become “fans of your fans.” 

Instead of waiting for your followers and audience to engage with you, look for opportunities to engage with them instead! 

Although Wendy’s fan engagement can be a bit..snarky…at times, they’re always engaging with followers and making people laugh and smile. This can be fantastic for growing your brand’s online presence and, hopefully, encourage more people to learn about your business.

(Fun fact: Wendy’s challenge for Carter went so viral he dethroned Ellen Degeneres for the all-time retweet record!  ?

So the next time you log in to your business’s social accounts, pay attention to what your followers are posting. If they post something that aligns with your business’s values, work, industry, and more, don’t just like the post.

Engage with it! 

Whether you leave a short or a long comment, people love it when their favorite brands engage with their content. Not only does it help you get noticed by your audience and whoever follows them, but it may even help you garner some more engagement as well.

But one important thing to remember:

Only engage with content that you authentically enjoy or can relate to. 

No one likes followers that engage because of a “hidden agenda,” and it’s very obvious when someone does so. 

Although this approach may take some time, it’ll help you build an audience that is truly excited about your business and knows that you appreciate them just as much as they appreciate you.