Should You Invest in Customer Interviews?

If you’ve wondered whether you should invest time or resources into gaining customer insights by conducting customer interviews, here are a few things to consider:

The power of understanding

Customer interviews are not a one-and-done for a business.

Needs, preferences, and pain points evolve over time, and so must your strategy.

Checking in with customers forms the bedrock for an even more impactful marketing strategy.

Uncovering hidden desires

Customers are often articulate about their needs, but the real gems are found in the unspoken desires.

Through well-conducted interviews, you can uncover needs that customers might not express through conventional feedback.

Identifying the most important customer pain points and motivations

Often there are 5, 10, 20, or even 30 different ways your brand adds value to customers.

The challenge is narrowing down the focus of your messaging and positioning to address the 1-3 key biggest pain points you solve in a compelling way for each ideal customer segment.

Through a comprehensive analysis of your customer interviews, you can tailor your offerings and content to address your ideal customer’s specific needs.

A two-way connection

These interviews are not just about your business extracting information; they are an opportunity to create a sense of partnership.

It shows that your business values its customer’s opinions and is committed to continuous improvements based on their feedback.

Let your customer research inform your entire marketing strategy

Understanding your customers’ language, preferences, and motivations is a game-changer for marketing efforts.

By interviewing your customers and assessing their current needs, it can help you determine where to allocate your marketing investment of both time and resources

Is it time to refresh your website?

Are there compelling campaigns you should run to address different customer pain points?

Is it time for a brand refresh or redesign?

Are there issues with your customer experience you need to address (because happy customers are one of *the* best forms of marketing)?

When customer research is conducted thoughtfully, you should walk away from this exercise able to truly “speak their language,” which can then be used to create compelling marketing copy and content. 

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