The Daniel Center for Math & Science

Connecting with new Customers


The Daniel Center for Math & Science needed help filling, at minimum, 4 spots for children between ages 5 and 7 for their Fall after school program.


Digital Strategy

Noel & Co. provided graphic design services, targeted research, campaign strategy development, program photos, and marketing campaign execution. 

For our digital strategy, we ran a successful 4-day targeted Facebook campaign focused on marketing to moms in the neighborhoods surrounding The Daniel Center for Math & Science.

We also tested a google search campaign to get The Daniel Center for Math & Science on the 1st page of a handful of key "google searches" related to childcare. 

Little boy in cardigan & bow tie smiling & the words 'we're enrolling kids ages 5-7'
Little girl in superhero costume & the words 'we're enrolling kids ages 5-7'
Picture of computer, coffee cup, and notepad

Customer Research & Outreach

Noel & Co. reached out to parents with students currently in the program and used the opportunity to:

  1. To check-in on whether they were happy with their experience at The Daniel Center for Math & Science.
  2. Let them know about the referral bonus that was offered.

Parents were thrilled to talk about how much their kids loved the program & we gained some great insights throughout the process.

The Results

The campaign was a success! The Facebook advertisements received a great response and ultimately converted to enrollment paperwork for two students.  In addition to the digital strategy & research we conducted, we also encouraged The Daniel Center to send flyers home with the kids at school and this led to three more students enrolling. In addition to this, based on conversations our team had with multiple parents, they received approximately two to three more student enrollments through referrals.