Is poor Email and SMS marketing hurting your brand loyalty and limiting your growth?

You might be leaving money on the table

We get it: staying on top of optimizing your ecommerce marketing strategy is tough!

From creating new campaigns every single week to finding new ways to acquire and retain customers, there’s a lot that ecommerce marketers need to take into account and manage…


You may be tackling the following challenges:

  • You know you "should" be doing data-driven marketing, but it's really tough to set aside time to dive into your analytics.
  • You're likely feeling the heat to meet bigger sales targets and striving for constant improvement in your marketing ROI.
  • You have to juggle determining when to offer promotions vs. creating content focused more on brand storytelling.
  • You might be wondering what times to send content, how often to send content, and how to tailor your content to different audiences.

Not to mention the fact you're constantly working to create a digital experience that is so good that your customers will tell their friends about it… and leave a stellar review! 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ecommerce marketing strategies you can pretty easily adopt! 

Special offer given when you sign up for your newsletter? Oh yeah. 

Setting up automated flows to move your new subscribers down the marketing funnel? Check.

An “abandoned cart” sequence to drive more sales? You're on it!

But for many ecommerce marketers, the challenge isn’t always about CREATING your annual marketing strategy.

Rather, it’s making the time to constantly test, improve, and OPTIMIZE your marketing efforts.

Sometimes your campaigns fall flat... and you're not entirely sure why.

It can take hours to thoughtfully dive into your marketing data and understand what's working and not.

Creating more personalized digital customer experiences takes TIME.

The thing is... you don't have to do this alone!

One of the best ways to continue to kicka** and take names with your email and SMS marketing strategy is to bring on a trusted partner!

If you find the right partner...

With more and more people entering the ecommerce marketing space, it can be difficult to find the right partner who aligns with your strategy and values.

To truly take your email and SMS marketing to the next level, it's valuable to find a partner with the right level of experience and the willingness to push you outside your comfort zone.

Close up ux developer and ui designer use augmented reality brainstorming about mobile app interface wireframe design on desk at modern office.Creative digital development agency

Email and SMS optimization is one part science and one part art.

To be truly excellent you need powerful storytelling, strategic thinking, and expert-level knowledge of how to best leverage the tools you're using to amplify your impact.

This is where Noel & Co. can help

Founded in 2018, Noel & Co. provides businesses with innovative market research, marketing strategy, and storytelling you need to drive sustainable growth.

Founder and Principal Christina Marie Noel wanted to build a company focused specifically on amplifying the impact of mission-driven organizations like yours by taking a holistic approach to marketing strategy. 

Christina and the Noel & Co. team have created a uniquely personalized ecommerce marketing strategy process that has helped their clients capture the attention of their audience, drive traffic to the site, and create “fans” of their products. 

Our approach to ecommerce marketing strategy

People working on laptops on a table

Our ecommerce marketing strategy optimization helps mission-driven organizations who struggle with an outdated strategy reinvigorate their audience, boost engagement, and drive sales to their online store. 

And while other agencies may only specialize in ecommerce marketing strategy, our team stands by our holistic approach.

Even if you decide to have us primarily focus on email and SMS strategy in our work together, we'll give you data-driven brand insights that will make a positive impact on your entire marketing strategy.

Just imagine having a marketing team that has:

A flexible, built-for-growth eCommerce marketing strategy that helps engage your audience, allowing you to generate leads and revenue even when you’re not working.

A holistic look at your eCommerce marketing strategy, ensuring that your strategy is properly projecting the story and experience you want your audience to see.

A dedicated and personalized project plan that accommodates your needs and expectations, providing you with the peace of mind that your voice is heard.

Guidance on strategy regarding email flows, content, timing, and more to ensure your audience is getting the most optimal experience.

We pride ourselves on being not only knowledgeable but flexible. 

There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to marketing strategy, and we know the needs of your business are unique to any other business you’ll ever find.

It’s why we’ve developed our process the way we have, to ensure all the challenges and expectations that come with your online store are properly met. 

Picture having a team dedicated to your ecommerce marketing strategy that is:

 On top of the latest ecommerce trends and making sure you are "in the know."

Knowledgeable about industry best practices, ensuring your strategy is always rooted in a strong foundation.

Bring creative ideas to optimize your email and SMS strategy.

Help you dive into and understand your analytics, which can help you better understand and connect with your customers.

Can make the most out of your tools and optimize your ROI, ensuring you’re saving money and keeping the tools you love the most.

Customized pricing to fit your needs

When it comes to investing in this type of work, we believe that it's important to develop a customized strategy and model to meet your specific needs. 

Our offerings range from a one-time engagement where we conduct an audit and develop a roadmap for your team all the way to working closely with your team to optimize and implement email and SMS strategy for your organization throughout the year. 

While we believe this work will have a positive impact on your organization's growth for years to come, if you ever feel like you’re not getting the value you paid for, we’ll stop what we’re doing and you’ll only be charged for the hours worked. Nothing more.

Want to a bit of data on the type of positive impact we can have?

Here's a snapshot of the impact our email marketing flow optimization services had on one organizations key metrics*:

Noel & Co. Placed Order Rate metrics over one year (overall the trends suggest we helped increase orders)
A graph charting out email "flows" revenue per recipient over a year, which trended upwards
Flows Click Rate (April 2021-2022)

*Two things to note about these metrics:

  • In case you're wondering what happened in December - flow metrics often take a hit around the holidays across the board. That being said, we plan to test incorporating holiday content in this client's flows in November and December to see whether that can offset the seasonal dip.
  • The Click Rate analysis is now impacted by the Apple iOS updates. Given this, we focus more on email engagement, place order rate, and revenue per recipient when measuring flow performance. However, it's still helpful to make note of trends over time. 

Spots are filling up!

Although we’d love to work with everyone, we only take on a handful of new clients each quarter because we're dedicated to ensuring we can give you the in-depth strategic service you deserve.

As we work to scale we can only serve 4 more clients through the rest of this year.

With that said, we understand that you likely have a lot of questions. We want to make this decision as easy and risk-free as possible, so here’s a list of questions we’ve been asked in the past that have helped clients feel confident and secure about their decision to work with our team!

How can you get started?

Simply click the “Let’s Connect” button below and fill out our form! 

You’ll then hear back from us to schedule a free, 30-minute strategy session where we learn more about you, your business, its email marketing needs, and why we and Klayvio could be a great fit. 

If we’re a good fit for you, we’ll put together a proposal outlining the costs, activities, timeline, and more, so that you can get all the info you need before making your decision.