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Noel & Co. helps you scale your positive impact and achieve sustainable growth by developing a grounded marketing strategy that empowers you to "cut through the clutter" and connect with your ideal customers.

We have over 15 years of experience working in marketing, business development, strategy, and innovation.

We specialize in helping you deeply understand your customers and giving you the strategic tools you need for your business to thrive.  Our "special sauce" is identifying creative ways for your brand to stand out.

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Our services include:

Market Research

Do you want to be a market leader in your industry? We specialize in conducting comprehensive qualitative and quantitative market research. During our strategic engagements, we’ll dive into understanding your customers on a deep level, leverage the wisdom of your team, and conduct a competitive assessment to strategically position your organization for success.

Holistic Marketing Strategy Development

Do you need to cut through the clutter? We work with you to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that will resonate with your customers, meet them in the channels where they already are, and clearly differentiate you from the competition. We also help ensure that you build a timeless brand that is going to create raving fans.

Go-to-Market Plan Development

Are you ready to launch a new product or service but are unsure on how to spread the word of your new offering? We specialize in helping companies create a Go-to-Market plan that empowers your organization to develop a clear understanding of the market you’re entering, the customers you’re targeting, and how to position your organization as a market leader. 

E-Commerce Marketing Strategy Optimization

Do you want to develop personalized relationships with your customers? An impactful email and SMS marketing strategy can be an absolute game-changer for your business. We will guide the optimization (or creation) of your email and SMS marketing strategy to increase open rates and click-through rates which will ultimately drive higher conversions. 

Fractional Leadership

Do you need strategic marketing leadership? We’ll guide the implementation of your holistic marketing strategy in a fractional leadership capacity. We’ve helped our clients hire talent, when helpful, and we’ll support you until you have a fully empowered marketing team that’s set up for success.