North Carolina Business Council (NCBC)

Helping Businesses Build Better Communities

About the NCBC

The North Carolina Business Council (NCBC) is an organization focused on creating an equitable economy. They support triple bottom line companies by advocating for policies that benefit all mission-driven businesses, creating strategic connections, and providing resources to help them grow and thrive.

From agriculture to tech, the NCBC represents a wide spectrum of industries to ensure all businesses can create and maintain policies that protect the environment and help local communities thrive.

Since 2014, the NCBC has helped thousands of businesses implement sustainable business practices that address their “triple-bottom-line:”

People. Plant. Prosperity. 

This mission has attracted an impressive list of members, including Fullsteam, Southern Energy Management, TS Designs, and Noel & Co.'s very own — Christina Noel.

From discussing impactful policy agendas to connecting businesses to new opportunities, the NCBC is creating a vibrant economy in North Carolina.


When the NCBC approached Noel & Co., they needed help nailing down their marketing messaging.

Although their audience had a general idea of who the NCBC was and what they did, they weren’t completely sure about what services they offer and the impact their organization has on the NC community and economy. 

The NCBC wanted to make sure that their services and impact were clear, regardless of whether people visited their website or chatted with a board member.

Being a member herself, Christina and her team at Noel & Co. were more than excited to bring this vision to life, as she had a clear idea of the impact the NCBC had and how to structure their messaging to reflect that. 

Desk with computer, notebook, mug, and glasses on it


Noel & Co.’s first goal in our work was to better understand how the NCBC team viewed themselves and how they thought others viewed them. This was important, as there could be disconnects in their marketing if they were hitting on messages that didn’t resonate with their target audience. 

From there, Noel & Co. got to work crafting the NCBC's ideal customer persona by closely collaborating with NCBC's Executive Director, Vicki Lee Parker-High, as well as pulling from Christina's years of experience being involved with the NCBC.

We drafted a customer persona that reflected the "ideal" customer for driving NCBC's membership growth, which the NCBC marketing team could reference moving forward when developing new content and marketing materials.

Along with that, Noel & Co. helped reshape the NCBC’s positioning statement and provided recommendations on how to best improve their website and email marketing strategy. 

Noel & Co.'s recommendations allowed the NCBC to hone in on their approach to marketing and take actionable steps towards their goals.

The Results

A year after working together, the NCBC’s marketing efforts are stronger than ever, with its core messaging more clear and its marketing content now crafted with the organization's ideal customer persona in mind! 

Headshot of Vicki Lee Parker, Executive Director of the NCBC

Vicki Lee Parker-High

Executive Director, NCBC

We called Christina as we approached our five-year anniversary and determined that we needed to refine our target market and messaging. Christina and the Noel & Co. team became our compass. Their keen analysis of our company gave us the ability to focus and see where we were headed. They also provided a creative, strategic roadmap on how to achieve our business growth goals that we follow to this day. Another plus is that Christina is an absolute pleasure to work with!

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Before you can do any sort of marketing, it’s important to hone in on your organization's positioning and core marketing messaging, as well as understand what your target audience actually thinks and feels.


If your marketing foundation isn't solid, then you're not getting the most out of your marketing investments (i.e., you're wasting valuable time and money).


Noel & Co. can help with exactly that, as our team of marketing strategists carries extensive experience in finding your voice and ensuring your marketing will connect with your ideal customers. 


From in-depth market research to thoughtful messaging and positioning work, we’re ready to help your audience see why your organization should be the "go-to" solution.