Peacock Alley

A Personalized Journey

About Peacock Alley:

Founded by Mary Ella Gabler in 1973, Peacock Alley has been providing luxury bedding and bath linen for customers across the globe. The brand firmly believes in creating tradition within your home, and their meticulously designed products allow buyers to select from a wide range of products that allow them to properly display their “tradition.”

Peacock Alley is not just known for its luxurious bed and bath collections, but also for how they source and create them. Their fabrics are consciously sourced from mills across the world and compassionately crafted in their workshop in Dallas, Texas by their skilled and local artisans.

Along with their impressive work, Peacock Alley is also a proud community partner, working with the Community Partners of Dallas to collect thousands of toys for the annual CPD Holiday Toy Drive. In 2019, Peacock Alley was responsible for providing over 10,000 toy donations for Dallas kids in need.


When Peacock Alley approached Noel & Co., they were in need of support with their email marketing. Although an email marketing strategy was in place, Peacock Alley needed to elevate their automated flow emails and make it a more robust and personalized experience for users.

Peacock Alley knew there was “money on the table” with their email marketing, so they looked to Noel & Co. to help refine their strategy and determine what "works" with their audience. 

This gave Noel & Co. an opportunity to leverage a powerful tool that we believe is perfect for e-commerce companies:


Along with being perfect for Peacock Alley’s business model, Klaviyo’s powerful tools also allowed Peacock Alley to hone in on and expand their strategy in connecting with their audience digitally.

Two corgi's on white bed with Peacock Alley bedding


One of the most powerful ways to create a meaningful customer experience is through building new customer relationships with your brand.

Brands can automate this relationship-building process over email by creating what Klaviyo calls “flows” — a series of emails that are sent over time to a specific audience. 

Peacock Alley has two primary flows that we wanted to focus on: The Welcome Flow (four emails) and Abandoned Cart Flow (three emails)

These two flows are essential to creating the perfect ‘first impression’ with your audience and driving sales. 

We first focused on gathering the data from Q1 and examined each of the flows: 

  • What made these flows successful?
  • What were these flows lacking?
  • What could we add and what could we remove? 

Our team took the time to evaluate each email flow and look for areas of improvement. 

Once we gathered Q1 statistics, evaluated each email flow, and identified areas for improvement, we began A/B testing. Our goal was to identify what email marketing resonated most with Peacock Alley customers.

Emojis on top bar of laptop

Questions we explored included:

  • What times of the day did their target customers prefer emails from Peacock Alley?
  • Are there specific pieces of copy that encouraged subscribers to open an email? 
  • Does an emoji in the subject line actually increase open rates? 🤔
  • What types of images resonate most with their audience - product images or lifestyle images?

Multiple variables were tested to see what worked best and ensure Peacock Alley was getting the most from their email marketing strategy. 

The results from this A/B testing were outstanding, with some of the adjusted variables resulting in over a 10% jump in open rates!  

Overall, we tested nearly 30 different variables on each of the email flows to see what worked best for Peacock Alley subscribers. We were then able to carry these changes over to the primary email flows and see significant improvement from Q1 to Q2.

The Welcome Flow also saw significant improvement in nearly every email, with up to 18.39% increased open rate and up to 4.18% increased click rate.

The abandoned cart flow also saw improvements, with up to 3.55% increased open rate and 7.22% increased click rate.

Laptop with a graph going up

We also optimized the design of different emails, including this before and after from their abandon cart sequence:


Peacock Alley Abandoned Cart email before edits


Peacock Alley Abandoned Cart email after edits

The Results

As a whole, Peacock Alley’s newly optimized email sequences have contributed to its bottom line! Along with improvement with its open rate, click rate, and conversion rate, the new email sequences drove a $1.59 boost in revenue per recipient!

Plus, the improvements made to these automated flows will continue to drive increased revenues thanks to an improved customer experience for years to come.

Overall, the focus on personalization and optimization served Peacock Alley well, with future plans already in motion to optimize and install even more email flows! 

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Email marketing plays a critical role in every business, but especially E-Commerce. 

If you’re looking to build stronger relationships with your customers and convert on more leads, make sure you reach out to Noel & Co. We’ll be able to craft a thoughtful and grounded email marketing strategy that allows you to connect and convert your audience!