Building the Foundation for Email Optimization

About Snacktivist:

With a busy work schedule as a nurse and three young kids at home with sensitivities to gluten, Joni Kindwall-Moore began making gluten-free and vegan dry mixes on weekends. 

After many friends and co-workers kept asking where they could purchase the mixes, Joni decided to start selling them, and Snacktivist was born.

Since 2019, Joni and her team have helped thousands of consumers across the United States bring healthy, delicious, plant-based and gluten-free bread and sweet treats into their homes. 

Their approach of using ancient grains has not only helped people eat healthier, but also supports local farming communities as well as regenerative agricultural practices. 


To continue driving sustainable growth, Snacktivist wanted to ensure it was set up to drive online sales through its website and e-newsletter.  

Joni and Christina, Founder & Principal of Noel & Co., met at the Social Venture Circle Impact Retail and Sustainable Products Summit where they discussed that Snacktivist’s digital marketing could potentially be leveraged further to improve those sales. 

When Noel & Co. began working with the Snacktivist team, our goal was to help optimize their email marketing strategy, which served as a core pillar for their overall online marketing efforts. 

While the Snacktivist team had started building their email marketing foundation, there were a number of opportunities that could help improve ROI for their online sales: from redesigning their key “flows”(an automated email or series of emails sent at a specific time) to setting up their first A/B tests. 

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Email Marketing Strategy Audit

We first started with a complimentary email strategy audit. We took time to examine what was currently in place for Snacktivist and understand their approach to email marketing. We also tackled a few “low hanging fruit” improvements. 

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For our audit, we focused on:

  • Snacktivists’ approach to email list building
  • Identifying key metrics to measure for success
  • Conducting a review of their Welcome Flow, Abandon Cart Sequence, and Winback Flow

The next step was to create a set of A/B tests that they could utilize to help them better understand what really worked best for their audience.

These A/B tests also focused primarily on their Welcome Flow, Abandoned Cart, and Winback email sequences. We felt that these sequences are the “make or break” moments within their current email marketing strategy as they are some of the key opportunities to serve their subscribers in a meaningful way and showcase what makes the Snacktivist brand so special.

We collaborated with the Snacktivist team to update the designs and the copywriting within these emails to not only better fit what audience members saw on the Snacktivist website, but also to provide a more visually pleasing email experience.

Email Optimization Roadmap:

To help the Snacktivist team continue to improve the performance of their email flows and campaigns, we mapped out our recommendations for A/B testing for the next 1-2 years.

Snacktivist will be able to use this resource to ensure their email marketing is helping their company drive sustainable growth.

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The Results

With the remodeling of Snacktivist's welcome flow, Snacktivist saw a 60% increase in open rates and a 20% increase in click-through rates (CTR) across the flow’s five emails.

Noel & Co. helped craft an updated, on-brand pop-up and offered solutions to capture more email subscribers. Armed with tools to continue A/B testing, we project a continued increase in open rates, CTR, and active users on site.

Also, Snacktivist's email list-building strategy is now more efficient, dynamic, meaningful, on-brand, and aesthetically designed. 

Rachel Autumn's headshot

Rachel Autumn

Social Media Manager at Snacktivist

“Our Snacktivist marketing team enjoyed working with Christina on this optimization project. We really appreciate both the creative and analytical approaches to improving flows and then A/B testing. Each A/B test clearly demonstrated the improved impact of the firm’s recommended design and copywriting changes. Plus Christina is delightful to collaborate with and is an excellent communicator.”

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